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For business owners and professionals who manage company secretarial requirements. InfoDocs is the cloud-based solution that reminds you when annual filings are due, guides you through secretarial transactions and stores all your company records in one place.

What are company secretarial requirements?

Every registered company must meet certain requirements to remain active and trading in South Africa. These include filing an annual return, notifying the government of changes to company, director, member and officer information, maintaining a register of shareholders and producing various company records.

Traditionally, professionals are hired to manage these requirements. But ultimately, it is the responsibility of the directors to ensure the company is compliant and their records are kept up-to-date. InfoDocs solves this challenge by providing a simple and secure online platform which all relevant parties can securely access.

Integrated with CIPC

Add companies directly from the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission ("CIPC"). Search for your company by name or registration number and import registered company and director information in seconds, ensuring your records are accurate and verifiable (director search now available).

Submit changes directly from InfoDocs, such as address changes and changes to financial year end, with supporting documents generated automatically. Daily updates and alerts keep you informed of successful changes and deliver confirmation documents to your email address.

Create share registers

Every registered company is required to maintain a share register as per Section 50(1) of the Companies Act 71 of 2008 (as amended). Statistics indicate less than 10% of companies comply with this requirement.

InfoDocs makes it incredibly easy to create a share register by guiding you through relevant transactions, pre-populating key fields and automatically generating minutes, resolutions, certificates and other professional templates. With each transaction, you can record share prices, certificate numbers and other important details. You can also record changes to authorised shares, share conversions, buybacks, redemptions and more.

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File annual returns

Every registered company is required to submit an annual return as per Section 33(1) of the Companies Act 71 of 2008 (as amended). This is to indicate the company is still active (even dormant) and failure to do so will result in the company being issued penalty fees before being deregistered altogether.

InfoDocs automatically checks whether annual returns are outstanding and reminds you when they are due. File your annual returns with Financial Accountability Supplements ("FAS") directly from the dashboard and pay via debit or credit card, saving you the time and hassle of ever having to log into CIPC eServices. More CIPC transactions coming soon.

Secure shared access

In every company there are stakeholders who are entitled to view the company records. This includes shareholders, directors and other appointed officers whose job it is to maintain these records. However, company records are typically kept in a single location with limited security and accessibility.

With secure third party access, you can give all relevant parties instant access to the latest company records from wherever they are, whenever they need them. User permissions allow you to restrict who can make changes while separate accounts allow each stakeholder to manage their own portfolio of companies.

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Pricing options

We charge a simple and affordable fee per company (excl. VAT).

No. of companies Per month Per year*
First company R 100 R 1,000
Next 2-150 companies R 25 R 250
Next 151-300 companies R 20 R 200
Next 301+ companies Contact for quote

*2 months free with annual subscriptions


CIPC transactions

We charge submission fees on paid transactions only.

CIPC transactions Cost
Address changes FREE
Director changes FREE
Member changes FREE
Annual returns* R 50 + CIPC fees (R 100+)
Financial year end changes R 50 + CIPC fees (R 100)
New company registrations** R 75 + CIPC fees (R 175)

*Includes the submission of the CIPC compliance checklist

**Private company with a standard MOI (incl. name reservation)

More transactions coming soon!

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